Reflections On Persecution

I experienced being teased about my faith but not like this. I’ve never gone to mission field but this gives me more reason to go.

500 Miles for Refugees from Burma

On Monday last week, I was riding on the back of my friend’s motorbike to the market. We were giggling as we caught up with each other, and then after a brief pause, she began to utter words in a very serious tone.

She started off by telling me that one of the girls from the HOSEA Center had called her from school earlier that day. She then told me that when this girl had called her, the girl was crying. My friend proceeded to tell me that the reason the girl was crying was because she was being teased and asked to leave the room by her classmates.

This girl is 13-years-old, and the only Christian in the room full of Grade 6 students. Her teacher was gone at a meeting all day, so the students were under no supervision.

Through the muttering of words between the sobbing and…

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