How can I possibly finish what I started if I am not motivated to do it in the first place? Diligence; steadfast; perseverance — when I utter these words I feel their weight on my shoulder radiating to my back. If there’s one thing I gain from #APEC2015PH, that is the long restful week that … More Diligence


Beauty in ugliness, peace in chaos, boredom with problems. These are just few of the contradicting things humans deal in everyday life. I, Robot is a about the human race. They are the most intelligent and most perplexing creation made though but they are also not perfect, they can create their own enemy. In this … More I, ROBOT

Amazing Time

I was awaken by the scorching heat of summer in the Philippines at 2 in the morning. It was hotter than normal and I look at my phone to check if I have a new message. As usual, it took me years (jk) to find my phone which was under a pile of pillows. I … More Amazing Time

Book by book

Things I learned while reading books. Just like people we should not judge books by its cover but we do have first impression. Especially for me which is very visual. I consider the font style in choosing a book plus the color. There are many types of books as people has different personality. Before drawing … More Book by book