Beauty in ugliness, peace in chaos, boredom with problems. These are just few of the contradicting things humans deal in everyday life. I, Robot is a about the human race. They are the most intelligent and most perplexing creation made though but they are also not perfect, they can create their own enemy. In this … More I, ROBOT

Something Borrrowed

Movie Review —“Something Borrowed” Quotable quotes from the movie,.. “You are my home”. “Without you is not just unbearable but unimaginable.” For me the theme of the movie is “Cowardice”. I can relate to it because I am a skeptical person. I cannot be firm with my decision sometimes. And so, I procrastinate, I change … More Something Borrrowed

The R-E-D..,

When i look at the picture layout of the movie i told myself that this will be just another action, adventure movie that they’ve been releasing nowadays. I was about to leave my sit when the guys pour a rain of bullets into Vin Diesel’s house. I said, “That is Awesome.!” I stayed on my … More The R-E-D..,