Passion- according to it is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. I have a question for you. What is your passion?  Should every person know their passion? or does everyone has passion? Yes to all. A life without passion is passionless. 🙂 indeed I have only one passion. My passion for God. My passion … More Passion

Left Alone

Was there a time in your life that you really need something from someone but the person could not give it to you? That moment happen to me today.  You can’t buy their time and that is what you want but you cannot have it. What will you do if someone let you down? Will … More Left Alone


Let me tell you about a little background about our system in enrollment. Seriously, nursing students are a quiet different than the rest of students in our university. It’s like there are only two types of students in school, those who are studying nursing and second those who do not study nursing. Though we are part … More Remembering

Going Circles

HHhmm,.going round and round accomplishing nothing because you are doing so many things at a time. You mind is never focus in a single thin, so brilliant ideas doesn’t have time to ripe because you’re picking before it hatches. What a word combination. I will never stop doing what I am designed to do. I … More Going Circles